Torra Celes

Lost Favored Soul


FULL NAME – Torra Nai Celes
AGE – 18
HEIGHT – 5’ 10”
WEIGHT – 160
HAIR – Golden Brown
EYES – Golden
ALIGNMENT – Neutral Good


Torra and her brother Tathel were born from the combination of their gold elven mother and celestic father. They meet in unusual circumstances; The mother, while on a political mission, met him when they stopped at a tavern for the night. They fell in love, creating Torra and Tathel. Their mother found out about their father’s true nature only after she was elevated in Yasgard Church. Tathel and Torra were inseparable as children. They each had their own “classes,” as much as they could do when they are 4, but they always met each other right afterwards. Terra and Tathel, being children of such a high up member of the Yasgard church, were often targeted for political corruption and assassinations. Although they was not what took Tathel in the end. An agreement was in place that they would stage an assassination attempt on Tathel. The goal was to remove him from the main church and put him in one of the smaller ones; she witnesses her brother be “killed” in front of her. After that Torra’s life became very guarded. Her days were filled with training sessions to protect her and guard her at the same time. She was very socal as a child, but most of the friends that she might have had at that age became terrified by her and her abilities. What she trained in gave most people the frights; For a 7 year old, she had almost perfect mastery in a sword that was twice her size, and the minor miracles she was performing on a daily basis did not help. When she was 13 she finished her weapon training, and moved on to controlling her mystical connections to Yasgard. At 15 she decided to find out who – or what – her father is and left.

Torra Celes

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