Hikarian Crimsii

Good hearted tiefling warlock with a dark past


Standing at about six feet tall, Hikarian Crimsii used to look like a menacing warlock with a dark past- at least, up until he died. After leaving the party for some time, he returned, as a new man. He wears gray robes, with a gilded trim. His skin has paled, resembling a human’s tones more than a tiefling. With two sets of horns, black hair, and silvery eyes, he is still unmistakably a tiefling.


When he was a small child his parents were prejudiced against and killed. There was a string of deaths and his parents, being tieflings, were thought to be the cause. They were both burned alive, along with his small, two year old sister. This was extra painful and long for them since tieflings have resistance to fire. Ever since then, he has vowed to make sure that injustice can never happen again. Without any family, he grew up on the streets. He would meander the village and other children (and some adults) would make fun of his appearance, and call him a demon. Because of this, he associated demons with all of the bad things that happen with his life, and thus his own appearance. Around the age of 19, he began to leave the city, and going to a small clearing in a forest with a well in it. This was his sanctuary. After another string of murders, he was blamed. People captured him, and carved words and symbols into his right arm. His arm remains scarred from this, so he began to wear a large glove to cover it up. After his maiming, he went to the well and prayed, to no one in particular. He then heard a voice in his head, telling him to wish. He then wished to be able to right any wrongs in the world, and then threw a coin into the well. The coin flew back out of the well, glowing with magical energy, and into his hand. The mark of the coin was seared into his palm, and he heard a voice say “Your wish has been granted. The pact has been bound. My knowledge is at your command.” So, he began using the the magical powers gifted to him, to master powers of magic. He was able to cast spells, and he became well versed in combat, while making sure to only attack those who were deemed worthy. Then, another string of murders took place. While he was still blamed, he took it upon himself to figure out who did the deed. He then wandered the village before coming across two people in an alleyway. One man was beating up a small halfling. After overhearing the man frighten his victim by telling him of the previous murders he had committed (the ones that he had been blamed for) He, enraged, charged the man, blasting bolts of magical energy. As the man’s cries for mercy rang out (Hikarian’s reply being that the man showed no mercy for his victims) some of the city’s inhabitants showed up, and not knowing the context, saw the tiefling killing what seemed like an innocent civilian. He was then called “Tyranny” by the people of the city, and was forced to leave or face (very ironically) justice. He then fled, and roamed the lands, for a few years, doing his best to dispense vigilante justice until he came across a very strange band of adventurers.

Hikarian Crimsii

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