High Priestess Caris Ent



FULL NAME – Caris Alexander Cordell Bethel
AGE – 23
HEIGHT – 5’ 7”
WEIGHT – 180
HAIR – Blonde
EYES – Crystal Blue
ALIGNMENT – Lawful Neutral
The kiss on your lips and the blade in your back


Caris was the second child born to the Bethels in a small farming village to the south called Trudid. Her brother died at birth so her mother and father were very protective when she was younger. Her father Gaelin, an elven adventurer, and her mother Séraphène, a human tavern wench, she grew up in a rather unusual household. She heard bedtime stories of far off lands and strange underground worlds, of new languages and creatures that should have given her nightmares. When she was 4, the town burned mostly to the ground from a nearby forest fire. Pushed out of their home, they moved to the nearby city of Militiae to live until the city was finished rebuilding. During the few years that they were there, her parents grew further and further apart with her father become more and more afraid since his daughter and wife were aging at a much faster rate than he was, and her mother becoming restless living in a big city. One year her mother and father cheated on each other. That being the final straw, Her mother moved back to Trudid and her father left to go adventuring again. Not wanting to go with her mother and denied to go with her father, she was left with the archonic church. She excelled at their teachings, quickly becoming one of the best fighters they had seen in many years and often referred to as a “prodigy." At 14 she started training in the ways of an assassin, picking up quickly the teachings of deception and trickery. When she was 19 she was forced to kill her mentor and lover after an unfortunate dealing with a demon while on a training mission. This resulted in her being even more closed off and a reputation that would only grow in the years to come. Continuing her studies and finishing them at 20, she did a few missions before coming back to the church to train the younger generation. Right now she is on another mission when she meets the party to gather information on a demon in the area.

High Priestess Caris Ent

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